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Russian swimmer suspended for suspected doping更多>>
Almost half of China s population, 632 million people, are Internet users. 2020-10-6
After the earthquake happened, Li Bin, minister of the NHFPC, required that the local health departments should spare no effort for patient treatment and epidemic prevention based on emergency plans of the commission. 2020-10-3
The Washington rice deal is the culmination of a decade of negotiations. 2020-10-28
It can take several months, and the villager has to come back and forth to do the paperwork many times. 2020-10-27
It feels like coming home. 2020-10-18
The commission will use market and legal tools to balance overcapacity reduction with stable supply, and structural optimization with industrial upgrades, Xu Shaoshi, head of the commission, was quoted as saying. 2020-10-7
He usually trains four to five dogs at one time, and sometimes the number can reach 10 or more. 2020-10-23
15, 2013 shows the Mount Muztagata in the west of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwest China. 2020-10-23
Countries speed up efforts to slow down contagion更多>>
The announcement was made after the Political Bureau, the top decision-making body of the Party, held a meeting presided over by President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee. 2020-10-13
Delegates also agreed that while ensuring the nations grain security and effective supply of major agricultural products, more work should be done on pricing and ensuring that farmers get a fair profit during times of rising production costs. 2020-10-18
This year, we collected the views of chief executives of multinational firms on the annual government report released by Premier Li Keqiang and the reform policies announced at the two sessions. 2018-3-18
Hydrological experts believe its current drought does not suggest a long-term trend. 2018-5-31
In late November, Xi highlighted Chinas pursuit of a major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics, namely new style and vision, on the premise of continuity and consistency of Chinas foreign policy, at the Central Conference on Work Relating to Foreign Affairs. 2018-9-29
Every Tuesday she takes a day off and goes for a facial beauty treatment and a massage. 2019-4-4
He also sings patriotic songs and displays his calligraphy writings, such as “Japanese should apologize” and “China’s Rise”. 2019-12-30
China currently has about 1,500 Sino-foreign joint institutions and programs, including Shanghai New York University, Wenzhou Kean University and Kunshan Duke University, he said. 2015-9-8
I just wanted to change all those stereotypes and in the meantime, promote reading, Wu said.
More rain alerts have been issued for South China.
The wall has been scaled before, first by legendary climber Warren Harding in 1970, but never without climbing tools.
45 billion yuan from real estate and 51.
The CPC Central Committee reviewed and approved on Wednesday the drafts for environmental protection inspections, construction of the environmental monitoring network, and accountability measures for government officials who are responsible for environmental damage.
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Auditors nationwide spotted over 1,400 signs of possible malpractice in the first 11 months of last year and transferred the cases to judiciary or discipline inspection organs for further investigation.  Less than 5 percent of households have been using nearly 20 percent of the natural gas, and the government has been subsidizing household natural gas to keep it cheap, said Xu Shaoshi, head of the NDRC.
It is also the first time that an education program from China was among the 15 nominees.  Edited by Chen Zhilin and Niva Whyman.
Graphics: New member of Long March rocket family更多>>
Chinas Commerce Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang told reporters on Tuesday that the China-United States bilateral investment treaty, once established, will provide Chinese investment in the US with respect under international law. 2015-11-31 
The high degree of autonomy of the HKSAR is not full autonomy, nor a decentralized power. 2015-8-27 
Maybe I will not visit Malaysia anymore, at least not Sabah, she said. 2018-8-24 
06) per kilogram compared with the price of 1. 2019-6-23 
The market supervision authority in Shenzhen held a closed-door hearing on Tuesday to consider fining a local technology company 260 million yuan (. 2015-10-3 
Figure showed that 14 people were arrested as they assaulted police. 2018-8-31 
To get smaller clinics more involved in treating less-severe diseases, Chaoyang Hospital began collaborating with community health centers in 2007. 2016-2-7 
  Woman injured in Taiwan blaze transferred to Shanghai更多>>
The company believes that, as most of the icebergs mass is underwater, they would not melt significantly during the voyage. 2016-11-31 
The baby, who was trafficked to Henan province, arrived in Fuping early on Monday morning, said Meng Lefeng, deputy director of the information office of the Fuping county Party committee. 2019-8-25 
Farmers can entrust their crops or livestock to 2,000 staff involved in e-commerce transactions, logistics and financial services. 2019-10-31 
The five are among 116 couples, all graduates of the university who returned for a group wedding as part of celebrations to mark the university’s 116th anniversary. 2019-12-20 
In January 2014, Zhang was told of the need to demolish his house for a subway construction project, but he still refused in an attempt to obtain more compensation, the government sources said. 2017-10-20 
Frances leading chemicals producer, Arkema, which has an office in Shanghai, needs more Chinese engineering students who have overseas backgrounds and wish to work in China. 2016-2-19 
The crude oil became mixed with the air inside the sewage system and the resulting gas quickly spread to other sections of the sewage network. 2016-3-30 
53rd anniversary of independence celebrated in Kenya更多>>
The further you go, the more scenery you will enjoy. 2017-7-3 
US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, who led the US delegation, said she agrees that a strong economic relationship between the US and China is of vital importance to both countries. 2018-11-24 
The students were on their way to Jeju for a four-day school trip. 2018-12-26 
The scenic spot was designed and built in the 1990s and is not in accord with a new theory for the protection of cultural relics. 2017-11-21 
It also has influenced production of cement, steel and some other construction materials. 2016-5-29 
Apple ranked as the sixth biggest smartphone vendor in China in the second quarter of this year, occupying about a 4. 2016-11-31 
In 1942, China sent 100,000 expeditionary soldiers to Myanmar and India to fight Japanese forces with the Allies. 2015-3-6 
He added that he was forced to report the official because Lin extorted him but did not help him in winning the contract. 2015-5-1 
  Kenyan college student wins prize for mastery of Chinese culture更多>>
Lun Lun and the cubs are also under 24-hour observation via a live video feed, as was the case during gestation. 2017-2-21 
Zheng Dongfeng walks on an unfinished highway in the Gurbantunggut Desert, in Junggar Basin of Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on Sept 20, 2012. 2016-5-23 
The e-commerce giant said it will continue to increase its investments in technology innovation to provide high-efficient, low-cost and intelligent supply-chain solutions. 2018-2-7 
They include genetic factors, conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth, conditions affecting newborns as well as other postnatal causes such as injuries, and chronic and infectious diseases. 2015-10-29 
She said the prison has invited religious leaders to give lectures about real Islam, which has gradually made her realize the damage she has done to her family and other families. 2015-9-31 
This date was 15 years after China became an official member of the organization. 2018-8-7 
Liu said grassroots jobs are suitable for university graduates because they provide a good place to accumulate grassroots working experience. 2018-10-17 
Just as salvage experts said the actual costs for the Air France operation could have been three or four times higher than the official figure, the bill for the current search is expected to run into hundreds of millions of dollars. 2017-4-28 
Political advisors discuss VAT reform更多
China-Europe railway helping continent beat contagion更多
  Here are some tips that may help save your life. The government claimed its goal was to save farmland. 13 trillion yuan, dragging trade surplus down by 17. While the internet access via PCs dropped 19. The reform was first piloted in Shanghai in 2012.
  China and ASEAN are close friendly neighbors. Air pollution is an environmental concern in China. The store on Nanbin Road, a riverside avenue in Nanan District in southern Chongqing, closed on Tuesday. Tian Yali, head of the healthcare department of Sanlitun Health Service Center, which handles childrens inoculations and physical checkups, said parents have asked her about the safety of the hepatitis B vaccine since news of the deaths were made public.